Two questions to answer before seeking design help

Hi guys, this topic came to me today and I just thought to share with you.

So maybe you are starting a new business and in need of a logo, cards, a website…or in need of wedding stationary,  packaging for your new drink, a design for your upcoming book and so forth; whatever it is you are into…before you go out in search of an artist, graphic designer or both, I will advise you ask yourself these two questions.

The answers will help make the process more enjoyable.

The first question is:

What do you believe in?

Before deciding to seek design help in any way, ask yourself this question. What or who influences your judgment? Do you make approvals and decisions based on what people say or what you innately believe to be the right thing. This question is important because without a strong mindset, it will be hard for you to ever settle on a design. There are people who settle on designs, love them and change their minds after days or weeks simply because someone or people made a comment. The sad thing is when they keep changing designs and jumping from vendor to vendor unable to make up their minds because they base their judgments not on what they believe in, but what a thousand voices tell them.

What are my strengths?

Personally I suck at cooking and playing the guitar. Two creative activities I love but sadly not good at. And I did realize that this happens with many people. We all have areas we excel at and areas that we appreciate but suck at. So the next question is: what is your strength when it comes to design/art or the appreciation of both? I have met people who give amazing input into the work I do for them. Most of our clients are creatives. One started by saying “I see something sketchy, you know blah blah.” Others make doodles or send some dope inspiration that gets us talking visuals in deep ways. Some also just tell us to do a good job.

The most amazing thing is when we know and admit our strengths; because one may think he is good at something and may adamantly want a design to be red or a square or like what his competitors are doing. And most designers will give them just that because they are going to get paid. But I believe that’s wrong. Why take money for a job that won’t help the client to excel? (This as you can tell causes people like me to loathe the job.)

So ask yourself this question, and be open to new ideas and ready to ask the designers hard questions about colour, font choice and more. Because every color, font and design in general should have a meaning either symbolic which I love or one that gently and emotionally relays to the client and his fans or customers what their brand stands for.

So in summary the two questions to ask yourself are

  1. What do you believe in?
  2. What are your strengths?

Thanks for reading.

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